What happens in your head? “Magic, magic…”

It was one of those rare moments. It was one of those moments when language languishes into nothingness and even the most eloquent descend into senseless drivel. It was a moment when all opinion was void, and instead replaced with pure, universal awe. And Zlatan’s bicycle kick from 30 yards out was not a mistake, nor was it a singular ounce of brilliance. This was not a mediocre player scoring the goal of his life; no, this added a fourth to an already sensational hat-trick against England. Zlatan ripped his shirt off and ran to his applauding teammates, but his post-match reaction? “It was a nice goal.”

We were left speechless. Then Swedish reporter Anna Brolin asked, “What happens in your head?”, and Ibrahimovic replied, “Magic, magic.” There was no rebuttal to be had. An arrogance we would normally detest transformed into something beloved, something unquestionably justified. We sit here struggling for words, but what was your reaction? [GIF by Josh. Words by Eric. Follow AFR]

(via afootballreport)