The World Wildlife Fund wants Messi to wear a Real Madrid jersey for a day

If I supported Real Madrid, I’d be pumping up my bike tires as I type this. In an effort to spread awareness for Earth Hour, which is an hour of “uniting people to protect the planet”, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has celebrities teaming up with the organization to help spread awareness of Earth Hour and promote sustainable habits. Now, by no means does this suggest that Messi will actually put on the Madrid shirt, but his image serves as an example because of Messi’s proactive role as UNICEF ambassador. Alongside Leo are the likes of Coldplay (if you want to hear a show on Youtube) or Matt Damon (if you want to see him tortured and get hypothermia).

Find more info on Earth Hour here. March 31st at 8:30pm.

via afootballreport